3 Children's Outfits for a Perfectly Put Together Boy or Girl

October 17, 2017

Dressing your children can be a challenge. As a parent, you want to balance fashion and sophistication with your child's propensity for messiness and play. When given free license, children often choose outfits that lean towards garish, not stylish. Here are a few outfits to consider that might just make you both happy!  They balance whimsical and practical, allowing your child to enjoy the clothes they wear while ensuring that they'll always looks their best.

1. Girls' Ruffle Top and Pant Set ($117.80)

This two-piece top and pant set in a pretty light pink is a perfect every day outfit for your little darling. The dainty ruffles and sweet grey floral pattern makes it a great example of girls' clothes that are refined and yet still playful. The petal-pink pants pair perfectly with this top, but both elements are easily paired with other wardrobe pieces, especially the faux fur vest below.

2. Girls' Faux Fur Vest ($58.80)

This faux fur vest will transform any outfit, but coordinates perfectly with the pink floral blouse and pant set above. Two dainty pink bows accent the delicate detailing of the soft faux fur. Whether it be the first day of school or her birthday, this is the perfect choice to help your little girl stand out. It's sure to become an instant favorite.

3. Boys' Dog Sweater and Matching Plaid Pants ($84.80)

This darling sweater and pant set is the perfect choice for a refined little boy. The spotted dog's face provides a level of whimsy and play, while the coordinating plaid pants make this an outfit appropriate to wear to grandma and grandpa's house or out to dinner. Both the sweater and the pants are easily paired with other wardrobe items, making them flexible additions to your child's wardrobe.

Adrian East is your go-to destination for sophisticated, high-quality children's clothing. With a curated selection featuring only the most reputable brands, Adrian East provides a simple shopping experience to help your child look and feel their best. Visit their website at adrianeast.com today to see their selection of high-quality children's clothes for the upcoming season.

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