3 Key reasons an Annual Winter Escape is essential in the midst of the Holiday Crush

November 27, 2017

I go away every winter, sometimes, often, right smack dab in the middle of the Holiday rush.

As a retailer, that may sound bonkers....to go away right when the crazy BlackFriday/CyberMonday/Christmas rush is on?

It seems counter-intuitive I know -- but, after years of assessing my own patterns, skill sets, strengths, weaknesses, et al...I've determined that going away in the beginning and/or middle of winter is not merely something I want, it is something I need.

I NEED the warmth of a tropical island.

I NEED the balmy breezes.

I NEED to put on a bathing suit (albeit reluctantly) instead of gloves and a coat.

I NEED to have at least a few days of downtime, which for me, translates to beach time.

For me, there are 3 key reasons I feel warrant an idyllic week at some tropical destination:

1. A break is needed.  Invariably, the months leading up to the Holiday retail blitz have been spent working...really hard.  Not only at the stores, but creating ad campaigns, setting up mailings about Black Friday specials, CyberMonday deals, lining up the events and promotions.  I've spent countless hours checking in inventory, taking pics for instagram, facebook, pinterest.  I've set everything up to pretty much go on auto pilot. It seems prudent, not negligent, to take some  well deserved R&R. 

Snapper rock boys rashguard sets

 2. I need time to recharge in preparation for the coming onslaught.  December in retail gets pretty hectic.  Long days, many nights filled with special events during which many stores remain open beyond their regular hours.  It would be difficult to sustain that pace without first taking some time to recharge.  Need the quiet time to mentally and physically recharge and prepare for the coming, grueling schedule. 

Snapperrock strawberry suit


3.  It is the only time I have to do my bookkeeping and paperwork needed for end of year processing.  While my time away does feel like a vacation, in truth, I work at least 8 hours a day, buffering my beach time with working sessions in the morning and evening (4 in the morning, from about 6 am until 10 am) and then 4 at night after early dinners (7 pm to about 11 pm).  When I come back to the States, I have pretty much done all my bookkeeping and gathering of data and will just need to complete the December figures before handing it all over to my accountant come early January!  

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