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5 Tips for Taking Great Christmas Card Pictures

November 08, 2017

As a children's boutique that has been around for over 65 years, we, at ADRIAN EAST, are fortunate enough to be the lucky recipient of hundreds, if not thousands, of pics of our customers in our holiday outfits, perfectly poised and posed for their Christmas card pictures.

Over the years we have seen a number of our customers move away from traditional holiday looks to ones that are less "holiday". Looks that may include posing kids on the beach during a summer outing, or casual pics at a pool party, etc. 

While we think that is fine, and love looking at kids anywhere, at anytime :-), of late there seems to be a trend back to more traditional holiday pics for Christmas cards.  With that in mind, we thought we'd provide a few of our own, not expert, but tried and true,  tips for making the most of your Holiday pictures!

1. Coordinate or match!  We LOVE to see boys and girls, girls and girls or boys and boys,  in matching outfits for holiday pics!  Not something one would do every day, but, in the case of holiday pics, it allows the viewer to focus on each different child, without being distracted by a melange of outfits. 

Blackwatch Plaid

If you can't match, then try to coordinate!  Please note; it's often very hard to match greens and reds from different companies.  So, if one of the children in the picture is wearing green, and another red, then maybe choose a red and green plaid for the third child so as to pick up both the red and green colors.

Anavini red velvet holiday dressPlaid silk Holiday DressAnavini Green Smocked Holiday Dress


2. Think festive, not necessarily red or green.  While we love the rich red velvet and lustrous green taffeta dresses pictured above, you don't ALWAYS have to do red or green. 

A little girl, in any of the picture perfect dresses below, will make for a beautiful holiday picture when posed in front of a decorated mantel or Christmas tree.  This stunning navy velvet dress, festive berry silk smocked dress or black watch plaid stunner, against a suitably-decorated backdrop, will still "read" Christmas and has the added benefit of being able to be worn throughout the whole winter season.

Navy velvet holiday dress

3. Keep the accessories minimal.  The focus should always be first on the child, THEN n on the outfit, and then, Finally, the viewer will take a quick perusal of the accessories, for a complete, pulled together look.  The accessories should be a subtle complement, NOT the first thing a person notices when looking at the picture!  Keep the oversized bows, reindeer-themed jingle headbands, sparkle shoes for playtime. NOT for picture taking time. 

4. White tights rule.  Forget about red or green or black tights.  They never look as elegant and polished as white tights. ....And..don't even get us started on Christmas-themed tights..LOL.

Isabel Garreton Blue Taffeta Dress with Velvet Hem

5. Babies don't have to be photographed in full-fledged outfits.  Newborns, as precious as they are, often haven't started to fill out in the early first few weeks or months.  While you may be tempted to put a beautiful newborn baby girl in her first silk smocked Christmas dress, her legs and arms will usually still be on the thin, dare we say it, scrawny side.  Choose instead, a soft, subtle, cozy and cuddly onesie, or jersey cotton pant set.  It will be sure to get many more "AWWW" reactions!  

Christmas baby girl outfit

 Happy picture taking!!




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