Dressing your kids when the fall weather is....a little wacky!

October 24, 2017

We are all struggling a bit with the weather of late...it can fluctuate 30 degrees from one day to the next.  We're not at all sure what to wear ourselves...much less how to prepare our children for outside temperatures that can vacillate between a low of 48 to a high of 78.

Our answer?   Layers!

For girls, layer a soft knit Peter Pan blouse under a sleeveless dress/jumper.

from $86.80

From $86.80   Click here.

This set is perfect, the corduroy is lightweight, and the top a comfy knit.  We LOVE the timeless liberty print! 


We also love a soft poncho.  This gorgeous cashmere one from Les Lutins takes up very little space, can be rolled up into a book bag, but will be sure to keep your little one nice and warm during the early morning chill.


$188.90    Click here.

For Boys, a zip up sweater with a super-warm lining or soft, cozy sweater jacket works to keep baby boys warm and comfy.  Take it off as the day wears on and the weather gets warmer.

 $ 79.80

$79.80  Click here. 

For older boys, we love a vest.  Versatile, sporty and super practical, it can be buttoned or zipped up against a chilly wind and left open as the temperatures moderate.

This water resistant one from Appaman works in rain/snow wind or sun!


$74.80  Click here.

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