Lili Gaufrette - Pretty in Pink, with an Edge

February 03, 2015

Lili Gaufrette, a children’s brand launched in 1998, is an award-winning label known for offering clothes that are casual, but chic, classic but with a definite hip edge.  Is it this dichotomy; this Parisian je ne sais quoi, that sets the brand apart.

It is a brand that has a loyal following.  In fact, I still have a list of customers who request that they be called when the new season's selections come in.  This is not an everyday phenomenon.

While Lili Gaufrette’s clothes come in a wide range of colors and most of the individual styles are done in multiple colors, including black, brown, grape and other earth tones, I tend to gravitate to the pinks when doing my selections for ADRIAN EAST.

While this dress looks beautiful in the grape, we sold out of it in the pale pink version!

Again, I must say: this is not the norm. In fact many of the buyers of Lili Gaufrette tend to buy the same styles I select, but in more somber colors – in the blacks, grays and taupes that are shown every season.

I still stick, more or less, to the soft clear pinks or the soft, dusty pinks.

This same dress, sweet in the pink, may look too "lingerie-like" if in black.


Well, first and foremost, I know our customer. Certainly, ADRIAN EAST stores do not embody the “downtown” urban vibe of stores in Soho or even on Robertson Boulevard in L.A.   Accompanied by either Kanye or Kim, it is unlikely that North West, who seems to be always clad in black and gray, will be walking through the doors of ADRIAN EAST anytime soon. comment.

My customers want sweet, just not saccharine sweet.

That is why this brand delivers.  The styles, the lines, the screen prints are often pretty hip – you won’t find a smocked Easter dress here.  Yet, when the styles that are a bit edgier are done in a pretty pastel pink, or a muted dusty pink…the perfect merger between cool and classic is made.  Pretty pink with just a little bit of punk.

It works…for Lili Gaufrette, for us and for our customers.

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