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Mayoral, Spain's Famed Clothing Brand, Makes Strides in the States

August 24, 2014

Mayoral, a leading Spanish contemporary children’s brand, has rapidly become one of our best selling lines. Why and How you might ask? Well, while we can’t offer a definitive answer, our customers at ADRIAN EAST seem to love it because it offers classic silhouettes with a slight edge at a price point that consumers welcome. Somehow, the company is able to offer great value without trading quality for style.
Each season, we are happily surprised by their combination of both sophisticated and vibrant color palettes, their chic styles and the moderate prices of even their most stylish looks. This is precisely what makes Mayoral a sought-after brand.
While most of Mayoral’s garments are sold as separate pieces, we love the way the company designs each piece to work together in chic, layered ensembles. For example, the dusty pink of the plaid dress shown below, perfectly matches the pink of the bolero shown.
While just becoming a recognizable brand in the U.S., Mayoral has been an established European brand since 1941. Though it is most famous throughout the Iberian Peninsula, it has over 160 of its own stores and is sold in over 8500 boutiques and department stores around the world. Clearly they are doing something right.
In addition to providing a good value, we think they also excel in boy’s attire. The young boy’s wardrobe is always a challenge; we think that, if given a preference, most boys would always want to be in no-collar tee-shirts and sweatpants! Yet, Mayoral offers comfy, casual, but very cool, clothing for boys that is stylish AND well-priced.
Noted for uncommon quality and a consistent enthusiasm for incorporating latest trends into classic styles, Mayoral follows an internal conviction that youngsters should look like kids. It definitely keeps the “young” in youngster and creates designs that are fashion forward yet age appropriate.
Producing more than 21 million pieces a year, we are often amazed by the brand’s attention to detail. Their boy’s pants and cargo shorts come with a plethora of details: wonderfully stitched pockets, often coordinating belts, adjustable waists and sometimes, even suspenders! Girl’s sweater dresses are often accompanied by removable cowl necks that can be worn when it gets cold or taken off and worn around the head or ditched all together when the weather is a bit more mild!
While we are certainly cognizant of value at ADRIAN EAST, that is NOT why we buy Mayoral. We buy it, quite simply, because it sells. The brand sells because it is stylish, varied and a good value for the money. The fabrics, often acrylic, viscose and elastane blends, are soft to the touch and comfortable for baby and young child alike. Many of their pieces are “easy wear”; for example, boys like a layered look but don’t necessarily want to be encumbered by wearing actual layers. Mayoral solves this problem, by doing long sleeve polos and sweaters with what appear to be underlying shirts, when in fact the underlying “shirts” only consist of collar, cuffs and hem!
Similarly, for girls, many of their very sophisticated military pants and detailed tops are made of the stretchiest, softest fabrics around – rendering a look that is uber-cool yet still comfy and cozy!
Mayoral; a brand we will keep around at ADRIAN EAST for awhile!

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