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The 5 Most Important Fashion Trends in Children’s Clothing for Fall 2015

January 30, 2015

Twice a year, buyers from around the world, as well as the fashion press, producers and clothing importers, descend, en masse, on the tiny city of Florence to get a preview of the best children’s clothing in the world .

While the show is called “Pitti Bimbo”, the endless stream of buyers and/or gawkers who enter the , an imposing 14th century fortress that is now a hallowed fashion ground, is often referred to as the “Pitti Parade”.

The throngs descending on the Fortezza da Basso for the Pitti Bimbo show. 

It is, to be sure, an event worthy of such worldwide devotion, for it is a seminal, AND semi-annual, display of kid’s fashion at its best.

While this year there seems to have been a few more international exhibitors, (and certainly more French exhibitors than ever before); make no mistake: it is the Italian clothing that is the draw.

The fabrics, the designs, the construction, the embellishments -- all divine.

After “walking the show” for three solid days, a few trends seem to have emerged. Trends are noteworthy simply because, regardless of whether or not one follows trends, the fact of the matter is that if almost EVERY fashion house is showing the same things in terms of a particular color or fabrication, odds are that you will be buying some semblance of that trend, because your options will be based on precisely those very things everyone was showing.

With that in mind, the following list represents what this particular blogger sees as the big trends of the season; these are the things that will undoubtedly find their way into retail stores next fall.

1. Let the Fur fly.

Faux fur was EVERYWHERE. Long, shaggy fur, spotted fur, sheared fur. In pale pinks, leopard prints, blues, beiges. In vests, on sweaters, jackets and coats. Fun and Fabulous.

Pink short fur jacket…”Sheared Faux-fur cropped baby jacket by Special Day
“Blue/grey shaggy 70’s style jacket from T-Love”
2. Neoprene is the “new normal”.

Every collection seemed to feature at least a few pieces in neoprene.

Printed in jaunty florals, or vibrant solids – neoprene is clearly adaptable and “of the moment”.

3. Skirt sets Shine.

Skirt sets, for the first time in a long time, seemed ubiquitous. Gorgeous short, full skirts paired with sleek tops or big bulky sweaters. Conversely, fitted furry or feather skirts paired with sleek turtlenecks or other tops.

Flirty fur short skirt paired with soft cashmere and wool turtleneck

Slim short skirts paired with voluminous fur jackets, or dressy skirts with “sweatshirt” type tops.

Dressy skirt in cream and gray paired with Peter Pan Collared “sweat shirt” top

Whether it was cashmere tops with tulle bottoms, embossed, embroidered skirts with luxurious simple sweaters, full, soft skirts with motorcycle jackets, it all looked good.

4. Cream, gray and beige continue to be favorite color choices.
Aletta ’s engaging, but neutral, hat display

There is something inherently elegant about neutral colors. The Italians seem to know this innately.

Gianfranco Ferre ’s fabulous Ivory faux suede shift, with tan beads and embellishments

Winter white, or winter “cream” as the case may be, looks soft and sweet on boys and girls alike.

5. Mixing textures is de riguer.

It’s not colors and patterns that are being mixed and matched as is so often done here in the states, but rather, monochromatic colors..just in different textures and finishes.

Milly Mini ’s knit, satin and feather dress
Gianfranco Ferre ’s tone on tone, texture on texture velvet dress in dove gray

It was almost always a mixing of tone on tone colors in different patterns and textures. Subtle and stylish.

Monochromatic beige casual set; sequined sweatshirt paired with faux suede morotcycle pants, by Athina

Anais and I quilted tunic in two textures

The look is sophisticated and stunning when done correctly, and ….the Italians almost always do it correctly.

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