The BOW debate....small vs. Gigantic??

November 01, 2017

We've been noticing, with more than a little amusement, a pretty large (we mean that both figuratively and literally!) discrepancy regarding the sizes of bows little girls are wearing these days.

We LOVE hair bows of ANY kind and have them in all shapes and sizes at ADRIAN EAST,

Girls bows accessories hair bowsGirl's accessories, children's bows, leather bows

but we have to admit, we ARE curious as to the origins of this strange preference regarding size.  

Is it a cultural difference?  Could it be?

We HAVE noticed that the English, starting from Princess Charlotte:Princess Charlotte British Royal Family Kate Middletown

down to the very cute models in the Rachel Riley campaigns, Rachel Riley Cashmere

seem to prefer dainty and more discreet bows.

From what we have been able to determine, Americans, as evidenced by the  preponderance of really large bows displayed on images provided by American brands and stores, lean more towards the LARGE and Extra Large variety. 

Holiday Plaid Large BowsLarge bows smocking

Hmmm...we have to ask..what are the roots of this not so subtle difference between us and our neighbor across the pond?? 

Europeans in general, if one were to extrapolate from pics of Sweden's royal family and this pic of a very young Princess Estelle Princess Estelle  Swedish Royal Family

and pictures from the Spanish Royals, including this one of toddler Princess Lenore,

Princess Lenore Spanish Royal Family or famed Spanish childrenswear designers like Paz Rodriguez and Mayoral, tend to favor small, petite bows. Mayoral childrens clothes mayoral kids clothing

Americans on the other hand, seem to think, the bigger the better.  Is it reflective of our "bigger than life" attitude?

Can it be equated to the bigger is better uniquely American philosophy?  The same one that underscores the "Everything is bigger in Texas" tag line?  We are not sure, but would love to hear your take and your preferences!

In looking even more closely... there sees to be a difference even from a regional perspective.  Not to make generalizations, but, at first blush, it looks to us like a lot of stores in the south tend to go for the really super large bows on even the tiniest of tots,

whereas those in the northeast prefer more proportionate bows...saving the really large bows for older girls. 


What is your assessment?  and...your preference?  Comment below and let us know!


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