Why We Think Dressing Up for Holidays Matters

November 10, 2017

Let's start off with an explanation:

Blogs are usually based on opinion, not fact. 

As a children's store that has been around for more years than we'd like to admit (over 65!), we have come to form opinions on certain things.  Opinions don't have to be labeled wrong or right, they can just be shown to differ from your own.

With that qualification, please note that this blog reflects our opinion on dressing up for holidays. 

Our opinion is that:

Dressing up for the holidays matters. Period.

We are surprised and saddened when customers come in, look at the beautiful holiday selections and then are reluctant to buy because, "we don't go anywhere special for the holiday".

Say whaat?

The Holiday, whether it be Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Hanukkah, Passover, Kwanza or whatever, is and of itself, SPECIAL.  THAT is precisely one of the things that makes it a holiday!

Dressing up, just like making an extravagant meal, setting a beautiful table, decorating with flowers and holiday decorations, is part and parcel of the event?! It is a big part of what makes it special?!

Christmas Holiday table  Xmas Table

Eating Thanksgiving turkey and all the trimmings off a plastic plate wouldn't be quite as special as eating the exact same items off a plate where you know the hostess has taken the time and made the extra effort to take down her fine china from the cupboard. In much the same way, appearing in regular every day or play clothes at a holiday function, any holiday function -- whether at home or away -- detracts from the "specialness" of the day.  

Thanksgiving table

Typically, we DO make the extra effort during the holidays.   Whether it be sitting through a two hour drive to be with family or being squeezed in among other holiday trekkers who are taking that similarly uncomfortable, overcrowded train ride home for the holidays, we go above and beyond for holidays.  After all, it is NOT a regular, run of the mill day or time.  

Outfits too, should go above and beyond, as they are especially designated for these treasured occasions.  They help generate excitement - as a little girl, I remember always looking forward to the whole process of shopping for Easter outfits, picking out just the right bonnet, getting the whole ensemble together.  Ultimately, the process, and the outfits themselves, create traditions and make memories.  Holidays are about going that extra mile; making the effort, taking the extra step.  Why stop short when it comes to dressing up?

Adrian East Berry Silk Smocked Holiday Dress

These are moments that stand out from the rest.  Save the play clothes for every day...holidays are special days and everything about them should reflect that. 


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